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James Ritchie is a singer-songwriter/indie folk musician originally from Linlithgow, Scotland. Currently residing in Perugia, Central Italy, he is quickly growing a reputation around Europe as an up-and-coming independent artist. His musical works range from subtle tones of pop and rock through to more warm and intricate encounters with blues and soul. With James’ incredibly original, identifiable voice and a wide range of writing inspiration - including Ben Howard, The Beatles and Stevie Wonder to name a few - a thoroughly unique musical dynamic emerges. Initially a pianist, James discovered the guitar aged 15 and has made music his career ever since. His first work, a demo album titled ‘In My Shoes’ (2018), received critical acclaim worldwide and has featured twice on NPR in the USA on ‘The Thistle and Shamrock’. James’ debut studio album ‘Yellow Dragonflies’ is expected to be released in late 2020.

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